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Happy Mum Happy Child reviews Bath Buddies

Run by Kalin, Bath Buddies was started to bring Bath Beans and Bath Sprudels to New Zealand.  These are unique toys wholly manufactured and hand made in Cape Town, South Africa. BATH BEANS They provide a magical bath time experience for children (or the young at heart LOLOL).  You just put them in the water and watch them as they unfold into sponge toys.  Both of my kids LOVE LOVE LOVED these. Some of the different types of Bath Beans you can buy are: African Animals, Dinosaurs, Fairy Tales, Fairy Folk, and a LOT more.   BATH SPRUDELS These are like bath bombs – they fizz and slowly release a lovely fragrance into the air as it colours the bath...

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Lad Baby loves Bath Sprudels!

 Famous UK parenting blogger Lad Baby reviewed our Bath Bombs... guess what he said? SUPER FIZZY COLOURFUL BATH BOMBS 🛁💦 Watch LadBaby and Son try fizzy and colourful bath bombs in vase of water. Which will be the best? Can you guess which Phoenix will like the most?

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