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Bath Buddies and The Bean People - an amazing story!

Welcome to the NZ's favourite kids Bath Bombs! Our Bath Beans®, Bath Sprinkles & Bath Bomb Sprudels® are soft, gentle, safe for sensitive skin and made especially for kids. Unique non staining colour Bath Bombs each with a surprise sponge toy inside!

I am Kalin, the owner, chief packer and dispatcher, head of technology, cleaner, sometimes delivery person and the only employee of Bath Buddies! I am also a mum to three gorgeous children, often used as models! I work from my home in Torbay on Auckland's North Shore and Bath Buddies is my 4th child,. These amazing bath products are hand made in Cape Town by a hugely inspiring family run business, The Bean People, who I used to work for when I was at school to earn extra money to save up for my future travels, which is how I got to know and love these products. I grew up with Bath Beans and when I had children of my own, Bath Beans and Bath Sprudels became a staple in our house and became my go to for kids birthday gifts. So 30 years later, 3 countries, a Kiwi husband, 3 kiddies and a complete career change later, I have come full circle!

The Bean People are the most incredible company that employs, supports and empowers under- privileged people, mainly women, from the local community. This gives the women an opportunity to earn a living and build a career while their children are able to attend the local school (, which The Bean People helps fund. Bath Buddies Ltd is the one and only official New Zealand agent for all of the Bean People's amazing and ethically sound products.

Bath Buddies is an NZ owned and operated company and in our own little way, we are helping make a difference to many families, that without The Bean People, would not have the promising future that they have.

And that is why this little business is close to my heart!

Due to the size of the sponges inside the Bath Beans® and Bath Sprudels®, these products are suitable for children 3 years of age and older. Please do not consider these products for children younger than 3 years.

Safe, soft and gentle, made especially for kids! 

Simply add children for bath time fun!